LAHORE - Treasury and the PPP come face to face on the issue of court verdict in Pervez Musharaf case at Punjab Assembly on Tuesday.

PPP’s Hassan Murtaza called the ex-President a murderer which Minister for Prosecution Ch Zaheerud Din countered while saying that a chief of army staff could not be traitor. On the instigation of Jugnu Mohsan, the House also echoed with the slogans against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ill-prepared and clueless Parliamentary Secretary Shakil Shahid remained on the receiving end during question hour on Labour and Human Resources Department.

The session started one hour and 15 minutes behind the scheduled time with Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi in the chair.

On a point of order, Hassan Murtaza lamented on the government decision of not allowing the PPP to hold a rally in Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi on death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto. He said the party has to approach the court for getting the permission. He said that the present regime has turned against the judiciary after the court verdict against Pervaiz Musharaf. He said that the dictator was responsible of murder of Benazir Bhutto and Akbar Bugti. He said that once General Ziaul Haq was all powerful but now not a single person was calling him with good name, He said that Justice Nasim Hassan Shah had himself termed hanging of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as judicial murder.

Ch Zaheerud Din said that a COAS who had fought three wars for the country could not be a traitor.

“We were standing with Pervaiz Musharaf and continue doing the same in future”, the minister said, adding, the government would file review petition against the verdict. He said that the government would not allow any attempt of damaging morale of soldiers standing on borders for defending the motherland.

On a point of order, Jugnu Mohsan drew attention of the chair towards Indian atrocities in Kashmir. She said Muslims were protesting against the fascist regime. She said that slogans of freedom were echoing in every nook and corner of India. She said that these slogans were raised for the first time in Lahore against dictatorship of Ayoub Khan and Ziaul Haq. She said that it was time of expressing solidarity with innocent Muslims standing against fascist Indian regime. The House joined her in raising slogans of freedom from fascist regime in India.

PML-N’s Mian Naseer pointed out that the Lahore was now the fourth most polluted city on the globe. He accused the government of not taking measures for controlling ever increasing environmental pollution.

Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht said that the government has recently carried out detailed assessment of pollution in Lahore. He said that transport was responsible for alarming surge in environmental pollution. He said that Pakistan was shifting to Euro4 fuel that would help decreasing sulphur concentration in the environment. He said fast decrease in green cover was also a major factor. He said that the government was introducing green financing for overcoming the challenges of excessive pollution.

Earlier, parliamentary secretary failed to give satisfactory answers despite help from Law Minister Raja Basharat during the question hour. To every supplementary query, clueless Shakil Shahid continued suggesting the legislators to bring fresh questions. Rescuing the parliamentary secretary, the chair said that he was informed just about 10 minutes ago about the relevant minister not coming to the House due to some urgent work. As such, he said, criticism was not unfair.

The House unanimously passed out of turn resolution moved by treasury legislator Sadiqa Sahibdad Khan that demanded construction of toilets for women in rural areas. The House also passed the resolution of Safdar Shakir that demanded giving Mamonkanjan status of a sub division. Resolutions moved by Musarat Jamshed Cheema and Semabia Tahir were also passed while Latasab Satti withdrew his resolution on the assurance of forming a committee by the law minister. The remaining resolutions on the agenda were pended for the next session.

On completion of agenda, the chair adjourned the session till Thursday (tomorrow) at 3pm.