The city of lights “Karachi” will be underwater by the year 2060. If we stay on the current path and continue to curtain implementing solutions to suppress the effects of climate change, this fact will be inevitable. We’re already seeing the effects of the climate crisis every day: wildfires raging through Australia, Texas freezing over, and many other extreme climate crises all over the world.

While the overarching problem of climate change itself can feel overwhelming and burdensome at times, as a community we must find ways to combat it before the damage becomes irreversible. Arguably one of the most debilitating practices poisoning our planet every day is the burning of fossil fuels for energy, producing large quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses when burned, these harmful emissions trap heat in our atmosphere, making them dominant contributors to global warming and climate change. One of the simplest and most effective solutions to this ever-worsening dilemma is switching to the use of 100% clean energy bypassing the 100% Clean Act. Not only will this Act help to reduce harmful gasses plaguing our atmosphere, but it will also aid in markedly slowing the rise of global temperatures.

In our current hyper-polarized political environment, climate change has become a bipartisan issue. However, it will affect every individual on this planet, regardless of political ideology and personal demographics. We only have one planet and, if we stay on our current path, we will destroy it. If we don’t take drastic action now to reduce our calamitous impact on our environment, there will be no planet for rising generations to exist.