The arrival of this month apprises us of the dismemberment of Pakistan; East Pakistan came into the world with the name of Bangladesh. What were the reasons for the demise of Dhaka, the list goes very long. I will categorise them into three factors; 1. Indian-abiding animosity. 2. Negligence of duties and responsibilities. 3. Power hunger. With the emergence of Pakistan, she was surrounded by numerous problems and issues. Much has previously been said and written. There is no dire need to repeat all of them here. India never reconciled herself to the birth of Pakistan, conspiracies and intrigues devised and launched by her were natural.

Since the creation of Pakistan was based on Two Nation Theory.

Division of Hindustan did not fade from the memory of the Hindus. Why were our rulers not alert to Indian fire for revenge? Who dares justify this criminal negligence? This paved the way for the fall of Dhaka, committed by the authorities in power.

There was an utter political system failure, as the political and military high ups could not counteract fumes and flames being fueled by the Indian Government and the public.

Secondly, there was the negligence of duties and responsibilities; no sooner had Pakistan come into being than a dictatorial attitude in the bureaucracy in East Pakistan was observed as the fashion of the day.

There was the world of difference for running the affairs of both the wings. There grew a sense of being ruled by East Pakistan’s people. The culture, language and ethnicity of the East wing were entirely different. Islam was the binding force, one of the prime teachings of Islam, equality, was shamelessly ignored everywhere. The sense of superiority in West Pakistan rulers and bureaucracy grew stronger; this heinous practice also played its destructive role. Such a shameful mentality of mind drew the tragedy of the demise of Pakistan nearer.

It merits saying that all such malpractices sowed the seeds of a sense of exploitation and alienation. It is more significant to remember that the East wing was the first one to abolish the feudal system and vice versa was the one to retain it forcibly in their respective wings.

I shudder to think that once again it is December and there is utter internal political instability in Pakistan. History is a witness that only such a chaotic situation proves the way for the military coup. I cannot divine the future. Is our national leadership deprived of insight? This is a nation-state packed with politicians! The ruling and the opposition benches should hold a meaningful dialogue to take this country out of the quagmire of problems and issues. The whole of Pakistan is burning in a fire ignited by the regional and extra-regional powers. Do our “leaders” have political insight to extinguish it?

Abdul Ghaffar,