President Barack Obama has asked Pakistan to release Raymond Davis. America is a superpower. By asking Pakistan to release Raymond, President Obama has humiliated America. Being the President of a superpower, instead of asking Pakistan to free Raymond, Obama could have commanded Pakistan to free Raymond. Had Pakistan disobeyed, he could have commanded his armed forces to kidnap Raymond. Americas kidnapping technology is as effective as its atomic weapons. The world has witnessed how effectively America kidnapped numerous Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis, and dumped them in the Guantanamo Hell. Obviously, kidnapping Raymond was a childs play for America. But why America did not play this play is a mystery. President Obama has told Pakistan that Raymond enjoys diplomatic immunity. Again the President has humiliated America. Obama should have made it clear to Pakistan that the immunity which Raymond enjoys is not an immunity under the Vienna Convention, but it is an immunity which America has manufactured for its citizens. A British newspaper recently reported that Raymond was a professional spy. American officials have confirmed the report. Raymond is accused of having killed two Pakistanis. American drones have been killing Pakistanis on a regular basis. Actually, Raymond is a new brand of drones. Lets call it a ground-drone. As the drones enjoy immunity, so does Raymond. The common Pakistan is mortally scared. He has a horrific inkling that as drone-strikes have followed drone-strikers, Raymond strike might be followed by other such strikes. All these attacks must enjoy American immunity. Actually, it is not the drones which have been bombing Pakistan. It is American dollars which have been bombing the country. We hate American drones. But we love American dollars. What a marvellous hypocrisy American military supremacy is a creation of American dollars. Strip America of its dollars and you strip it of its supremacy. We have been miserable for 63 years. Our misery is a creation of American dollars. More the dollars we got, more miserable we grew. Unfortunately, our leadership has always been dollars addict. Our former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that only a spotless leadership can rescue Pakistan. Unfortunately, almost every leadership has been a victim of political smallpox. The skin of almost every leadership is marked with the spots, which smallpox imprints on the skin. We should pray to be blessed with a spotless leadership. Shah Mahmood Qureshi seems to be a deeply religious fellow. We should request him to lead the prayers. America has often declared that it has a friendly relationship with Pakistan. America firmly believes that this friendship has granted America the right to use drones for killing innocent Pakistanis. What a friendship The friendship is exactly analogous to a friendship between a lion and a goat. Even if Pakistan desperately wanted to snap the friendship, America wouldnt allow Pakistan to snap it. Would a lion allow its goat friend to snap their friendship? Raymond is accused of having killing two Pakistanis. Another American killed another Pakistani. He is said to be a driver - an employee of the American Embassy. It is reported that he has safely flown back home. Probably, he flew back home to get a letter of appreciation from the relevant authorities. If he did get such a letter, he might fly back to Pakistan with a greater enthusiasm for killing Pakistanis. If we look at Raymond and the killer, who has flown back home, we cant help suspecting that America has spread a network of American spies in Pakistan. This network must be analogous to a fishing net. The spy network must perform the same functions which a fishing net does. Unfortunately, Pakistan is a land of political, economic and social tragedies. The corruption and poverty tragedies have been eating the country for years. Now a political tragedy has hit the country. It is the Raymond tragedy. If a greater tragedy follows this tragedy, we should not be shocked. The writer is an academic.