KP CS urges improvement in forensic science, Safe City Project

PESHAWAR    -      The Chief Secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Imdadullah Bosal, presided over a high-level meeting on Friday to discuss measures aimed at strengthening the province’s Forensic Science Services, Safe City initiatives, and related services.

The meeting, which was attended by relevant secretaries and officials, included a detailed briefing and discussion on the next steps for improving forensic science services and putting the Safe City project into action.

During the meeting, the Chief Secretary emphasised the importance of modernising and aligning the forensic science services with international standards. He also directed officials to take concrete steps to improve the quality of forensic evidence and ensure its admissibility in legal proceedings.

The Chief Secretary also emphasised the importance of implementing the Safe City project, which aims to improve citizens’ safety and security through the use of modern technology such as CCTV cameras, facial recognition systems, and other digital solutions.

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