Commissioner reviews finishing work at SIMS Diagnostic & Collection Center

LAHORE  -  Lahore Divisional Commissioner Muhammad Ali Rand­hawa conducted an early morning inspection at Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) Hospital, here on Sat­urday. He examined the newly built Collection Center and assessed the developments in parking and waiting areas. The recently completed SIMS Collection Center is poised for inauguration, scheduled for today or tomorrow. Si­multaneously, the final phase of the Diagnostic and Col­lection Lab at Services Hospital is progressing, promising accessible and subsidized services for citizens. Commis­sioner Randhawa announced the expansion of medical fa­cilities at Services Hospital, with another facility nearing completion for the benefit of citizens. The SIMS Collection Center has achieved 100 percent completion and is set for imminent inauguration. The final touches to the new Diagnostic and Collection Lab are being applied, ensur­ing streamlined services for citizens, extending beyond OPD patients. Highlighting the importance of moderniz­ing heart surgery and enhancing cleanliness mechanisms, Commissioner Randhawa drew attention to the aesthetic improvement of Jail Road at the hospital. Expressing con­tentment with progress according to timelines, he ac­knowledged the completion of construction work for park­ing and waiting areas in conjunction with the new Lab and Diagnostic Center.

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