FBR to take stern action against stone crushing sector for not paying taxes

SARGODHA  -  The Federal Board of Revenue, Inland Revenue Deputy Commissioner, Ali Salih Hayat Kalyar said that stone crusher’s owners who were not paying taxes and not got registering their business would face stern action.

Talking to media here on Saturday, he said that stone crush being pro­duced at Pul 111, Sargodha, was sup­plied to all parts of the country due to the high quality of the indigenous rock. “Unfortunately, this sector has zero contribution in terms of taxes despite massive sales and huge earnings, but some highly influential persons are in­volved in this sector who are the ma­jor obstacle to the implementation of proper taxation because of their vest­ed Interest,” he said.

He said according to safe estimates, the quantum of taxation from this sec­tor is approximately Rs5 billion annu­ally. He said that in the past, efforts were made by the tax authorities to en­force tax and prevent tax evasion from this sector. “Recently, under the direc­tions of Dr Faheem Muhammad, Chief Commissioner, Regional Tax Office, Sar­godha, a concerted plan of action was devised to bring this sector into the tax net in the best interests of the country,” Kalyar maintained.

He said that a team was selected to monitor the production of the sector round the clock under Section 40 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990, and it was expected that credible information being collect­ed from the area would go a long way in the proper taxation of the sector. The exercise is set to be completed by the end of March, he added.

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