Governor for strengthening ties with Croatia

Croatian envoy calls on Punjab governor

LAHORE   -  Ambassador of the Republic of Croa­tia Dr. Drago Stambuk called on Pun­jab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman and discussed matters of mutual interest and ways to enhance cooperation in the fields of culture and trade during a meeting at the Governor’s House here on Saturday. Croatian Honorary Consul General in Lahore Imran Baig was also present on this occa­sion. Governor Muham­mad Balighur Rehman said that the human trag­edy in Palestine is pain­ful. He said that wherev­er there is oppression in the world, voice should be raised against it. He said that people-to-people contact is every important in promoting bilat­eral cooperation. He said that Paki­stan wants to strengthen bilateral relations with the Republic of Croa­tia in all sectors including trade and education. He said that the opening of the honorary Consulate of Croatia in Karachi is an important develop­ment which will further strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries. He further said that in order to promote trade relations between the two countries, there should be exchanges of delegations of business and various chambers of commerce and industry. Ambassa­dor Dr. Drago Stambuk said Sufism is the beautiful face of Islam, add­ing that the future of the world is in peace. He said that the Croatian embassy was making great efforts to increase bilateral trade between Pakistan and Croatia. Meanwhile, the second day of the Lahore Liter­ary Festival (LLF) at the Alhamra Arts Center un­folded as a literary tap­estry, weaving together profound ideas, artistic milestones, and cultural reflections. Commenc­ing with the thought-provoking session “Writing the Other,” liter­ary giants Mohsin Hamid, Monica Ali, Jose Luis Peixoto, and H.M. Naqvi delved into the intricate art of infusing emotions into charac­ters. The day they metamorphosed into a journey through the minds of literary luminaries is a testament to the festival’s commitment to in­tellectual exploration.

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