Palestinian stand

South Africa’s valiant move to lodge a case at the Interna­tional Court of Justice against Is­raeli Zionism is laudable. It must be the worst of times that the blood of almost 25,000 people has been spilled by Israeli war­mongers in the besieged territory as formidable aftermaths of the October 7 events. With unprece­dented bombardment, piled-up dead bodies, enforced exodus, and starvation followed by Israeli atrocity of curbing aid, Palestine is confronting a grim humanitari­an crisis. Heart-wrenching scenes of Palestinians hunting dead bod­ies of their beloved ones under the rubble of ransacked buildings speak volumes about Israel’s vile system of apartheid.

Sadly, it is a shameful time that no Arab or any other Muslim country dared to demonstrate such a brave attempt as South Af­rica did. Although the resolution may take an uncertain course of time, yet the ICJ could ask Israel for cessation of its agonies as an immediate action. In a best-case scenario, the ongoing case en­tails the moral and political sup­port of other countries, particu­larly Pakistan and the Gulf, so the catharsis could be made feasible to a catastrophic journey span­ning over 76 years.



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