The Medinan Constitution

The constitution of Medina is the foundation stone of erecting and building the castle of humanity and establishing a welfare state.

Dr. Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qa­dri has sent me his recently published book titled “The Constitution of Medina and The Concept of the Welfare State, Volume 2. He needs no in­troduction as he is well established and inter­nationally recognized young Muslim moder­ate and rational Islam­ic scholar. It is his presti­gious credit to hold higher positions at Minhaj University, La­hore and as the Chairman of the Supreme Council of MQI and is also responsible for all organization­al matters of MQI in over 90 coun­tries. He is a prolific writer and has authored 25 remarkable books re­lating to Islam and contemporary international intellectual move­ment’s, civilizational trends, legal, juristic and religious subjects. He is an erudite and an eloquent speak­er. He has deeply drunk from the fountain of modern sciences and exegesis. He is a promoter of mod­eration, inter and intra faith dia­logue and harmony. He is a com­mitted harbinger of social justice and political freedom. He abhors religious extremism and racial dis­crimination. He belongs to the Qa­deria Sufi school and this chain of Sufism is well known for tolerance and fraternity.

This book reflects the harmoni­ous and humane ideology of Islam. The Medinan Treaty between the Jews, the idolators and the Mus­lims of Medina was a universal declaration of peace and harmo­ny between different tribes and faiths. The author established the undeniable point that Islam gave a clarion call to the followers of all religions to unite on one agen­da and that agenda is described in the Holy Quran as well. This grand and glorious agenda is to unite on common points. It is a research endeavor encompassing and ana­lyzing the historical, ethnic, com­munal, civilizational, legal, and constitutional back ground of dif­ferent nations, so he quotes from Islamic and Western sources. It es­tablishes the historical verity that it was Prophet Hazrat Moham­mad, who gave the universal con­stitution after migrating to Medina from Mecca. This Medinan consti­tution laid down the foundations of international constitution that granted human dignity, human rights, human freedom, equality, tolerance and peace.

The constitution of Medina is the foundation stone of erecting and building the castle of human­ity and establishing a welfare state. Islam is not a cult or a creed. It is a code of life. The Constitution of Me­dina provides the basics of interna­tional diplomatic and political re­lations on humanitarian norms. It protects the rights of all citizens ir­respective of their linguistic, racial, tribal, religious and ethnic differ­ences, even including the rights of the minorities. The Constitution of Medina is the “Mother of all West­ern Constitutions”. This Agreement is the testament of the Quranic teachings. In this book the learned author has frequently quoted from the Quran and proved that the Quran is the divine book of wis­dom and advice, which promotes universal guidance. There are 61 articles in the Agreement which re­veal the basic principles of peace, coordination and cooperation be­tween the Jews and the Muslims of Medina. The First article of this treaty states: “This is the (constitu­tional) document promulgated by Muhammad, the prophet.” And the last article of the treaty is: “Allah is the protector of those who observe undertakings and keep free of acts and offenses, and do as Moham­mad, the prophet of Allah.” This article clearly signifies the impor­tance of peace and mutual harmo­ny and rejects feuds and battles. I deem it pertinent to cite an article which says: “The valley of Yathrib shall be a sanctuary (the abode of peace and security) for the people of this treaty.” According to this ar­ticle all acts of violence and blood­shed are strictly prohibited.

May I ask the people who de­fame Islam by calling it the religion of terrorism and violence, that is the Medina Treaty not a sufficient proof that Islam invites to peace and harmony? Dr. Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri has rendered great service to Islam and as a moderate Muslim scholar has proved the be­nign and the beneficent face of Is­lam. Through the Medinan Consti­tution, he has shown the real face of Islamic benignant ideology. It re­jects the blame of Islamophobia by predators and mischief mongers. The world needs to apply the glo­rious articles given in this treaty. The author compares the Constitu­tion of Medina especially with the Constitution of USA and profess­es that most of the human rights mentioned in the USA constitu­tion are derived from the Medinan constitution, such as the concept of equality, social justice, individu­al freedom, security of life, asylum, and religious freedom and harmo­ny. In this Agreement, the Jews and the Muslims are accepted as a Sin­gle nation/ community. The Arabic word “Ummah” has been used for both communities. The first part of the Charter states: “Agreed be­tween the believers and Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib, and those who follow them, and join with them, and strive along with them. They are a single nation (Umma) that has emerged to the exclusion of other peoples. “Dr. Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri while commenting on it writes:” The Prophet viewed people as equal on the basis of be­ing human; extirpating, thereby, all discrimination based on differenc­es in gender, color, language, ori­gin, lineage, wealth, and status.” The author has burnt the midnight oil and authored such a valuable book. It is the outcome of immense mental labor and it is tantamount to arduous endeavor. This book provides much material for re­searchers, scholars, jurors, jurists and legislators. The author de­serves infinite admiration for writ­ing such an exemplary treatise.

Dr Maqsood Jafri
The writer is a freelance contributor.

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