Power corrupts

The TIME magazine of January, 25-1-2010 has an interesting essay titled 'The loneliest Job which states that every President finds that many of his friends lose their minds and like sycophants, they would stand in the rain a week to see you and will treat you like a king. They will tell you, you are the greatest man alive This is what the late President Kennedy talked about as 'the poison of the presidency, the way proximity to power could warp the judgment of even the wisest allies. It was one reason Kennedys father wanted him to make his brother the Attorney General. The real loneliness of the job, though, is not that ones old friends (in our case friends of prison) start preening the feathers on your back. It is the new ones pretending that whatever you do, comes from the nature of job. How true is it in case of our President Zardari whose coterie of advisers are forever telling him that he can do no wrong? -DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, January 23.

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