FLEC visits safe city project

ISLAMABAD           -         A Foreign Law Enforcement Community (FLEC) delegation visited the Safe City Islamabad on Tuesday, police public relations officers said. He said that, on special directions of IGP Islamabad Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the visit was arranged for the FLEC delegation where Capital Police Officer Safe City Syed Fareed Shah and Capital Police Officer Law and Order Rommel Akram welcomed the delegation.

The delegation visited the different sections of the Islamabad Safe City project where CPO Safe City briefed the delegation about its working and capability. After the visit a meeting was held in a conference room where the delegation was briefed about how the safe city project is covering the city with different types of high resolution cameras. CPO Safe City told the delegation that the IGP Islamabad after assuming the charge and on the special interest and orders of Minister for Interior, the coverage of the project was extended to different areas of the city while various private buildings, toll plazas and metro buses were also linked with Safe City.

He further told the delegation that various emergency services of Islamabad Capital Police have also been brought together under one roof in Safe City so that all kinds of facilities can be provided to the citizens on time. The delegation highly appreciated the efforts of IGP Islamabad and his team and thanked them for arranging the visit. Meanwhile, the spokesman said that following the special directives of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, Islamabad Capital Police helpline “Pukar-15” is fully operational and working in an efficient way.

According to him, Islamabad capital police helpline “Pukar-15” is continuously engaged in assisting the citizens, receiving thousands of calls on a daily basis and providing help to the citizens according to the nature of the call, including police, fire brigade, ambulance services, CPO Safe City said that, 2857 calls were received on “Pukar-15” out of which 2314 were fake and irrelevant to police, which becomes 81% of the total calls. He emphasized that 81% of the fake/unnecessary calls not only waste police time, but can also delay someone from accessing timely help in an emergency, which can lead to life-threatening.

In this regard, cases were filed against the citizens making fake calls on “Pukar-15” in Sabzi Mandi police station. Citizens are requested that “Pukar-15” is for your convenience and its impactful use is also your responsibility and as a responsible citizen discourage such elements who waste police time by making false reports or calls, he added. He said that the Eagle Squad of Islamabad Capital Police is also playing a vital role in crime prevention from the city, during the last 24 hours, Eagle squad checked a total of 1713 suspicious persons, motorcycles and vehicles. He said that, following the special directions of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, the Eagle Squad is working under a safe city Islamabad centralized system, which is deployed in different areas of the city for patrolling and crime prevention.

During the last 24 hours, the Eagle Squad checked a total of 238 pedestrians, 650 motorcycles and 825 vehicles during special and snap checking out of which 09 suspicious persons were shifted to different police stations, while 238 motorcycles and 06 vehicles were impounded at various police stations. Eagle Squad also ensured the arrest of the numerous accused involved in mobile snatching and heinous crimes.

The Eagle squad also removed tinted glasses from 520 vehicles. Islamabad Capital Police is taking all out efforts to curb crime from the city. “Safety and security of the citizens is our prime responsibility and no stone would be unturned to save the lives and property of the citizens.”

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