LAHORE    -   Dua Zahra has been transferred to Karachi from Lahore and shifted to Child Protection Bureau Karachi on Sunday. According to the Lahore court’s decision, Dua Zahra has been transferred to Karachi and shifted to Child Protection Bureau (CPB) Karachi. She will be presented in the trial court on August 1, 2022. “No one should be allowed to meet Dua before she appears in the court,” the order reads. The Child Protection Bureau has said that Dua is being kept in foolproof security. On July 23, the court in Lahore ordered to send Dua Zahra to Karachi while announcing its verdict in a case related to transferring the girl to the Child Protection Bureau. The district court announced its verdict in a plea related to transferring Dua Zahra to the Child Protection Bureau (CPB) instead of keeping her at Dar-ul-Aman. Judicial magistrate Rizwan Ahmed announced the reserved verdict today. The lawyers of the plaintiff, The girl’s father Mehdi Ali Kazmi, including Ahmed Sher Jatt and Fahad Siddiqui appeared in the hearing. The plaintiff’s lawyer argued before the Lahore court that the plea for a third medical test of the girl for determining her age. The lawyer said that the divisional bench of the high court had given its verdict regarding her age. He added that the local court has no powers to issue orders in this regard. Dua had made headlines across the country after she had mysteriously disappeared from Karachi but it was later discovered that she had run away from her home to marry Zaheer Ahmed.