The Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) on Friday saw a dramatic victory against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that few had predicted in the Punjab chief minister’s election. Warmed in the nick of time by a letter from Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) head Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain — instructing his MPAs to vote for PML-N’s candidate — Hamza Shahbaz was declared a victor.

But after the lawyer representing the deputy speaker of the provincial assembly could not satisfy the bench over the latter s ruling, the Supreme Court directed that Hamza Shahbaz would remain a "trustee" chief minister of Punjab till the next date of hearing - July 25 (Monday). The top court also directed that Hamza would neither use his powers for political gain, nor take major initiatives or decisions until then.

The victory and following decision, however, thrusted Pakistani Twitter into a frenzy as users typed away their frustration. Celebrities also expressed their disapproval of how things transpired.

"Shocked and disgusted!" Farhan Saeed lashed out on the microblogging site, "It’s not about supporting any particular party, how can you challenge nations verdict again and again? This isn’t politics if whoever is taking pride in it. Elections literally mean people elect. All I know is, this will further finish PDM," the actor and singer added. While Mawra Hocane likened the elections to a circus. "Such a circus [these] elections," she wrote.

Adamant, veteran actor Samina Peerzada chimed in, "We have also decided that we will fight the democratic war until the republic wins."

Actor Shagufta Ejas shared a video asserting that the "public s mandate has been stolen" and she, alongside all Pakistanis, condemn it. "We strongly condemn how the voting process was let down. The awaam s mandate has been stolen. We will not let this happen. All eyes are on the supreme court now and we are waiting for a fair decision."

Many, albeit, have been sharing memes to convey comically the events of Saturday.

Several users continue to take a dig at Hamza Shahbaz.