Malteser Int’l delegation witnesses impacts of devastating flood in Sindh

SUKKUR-A delegation of Malteser International Headquarters, under the leadership of the head of the Regional Groups of Asia, Cordulla Wasser visited the Sindh Rural Support Organisation (SRSO) on Monday. 
The purpose of the visit was to engage with the flood-affected communities and explore how the organisation could support them in building resilience against climate change impacts and identify new opportunities, evaluate the ongoing projects’ effectiveness, and strengthen partnerships with SRSO. The focus was on empowering communities to drive their own development and enhance disaster risk reduction initiatives.
On the occasion, Provincial Secretary Social Welfare Sindh Dr Shereen Mustafa Narejo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SRSO Muhammad Dittal Kalhoro, Regional General Manager SRSO Dr Ghulam Rasool Samejo were accompanied by the delegation.
They went to rural Sindh, the region hardest hit by the devastation of the flood. In the village Muhammad Nawaz Rind UC Bugro, the delegation met the families grappling with the loss of homes and livelihoods. 
During their visit, they engaged with female entrepreneurs involved in small-scale businesses through enterprise development. The success stories of these inspiring individuals further emphasised the significance of empowering women for the overall growth and prosperity of the community.
In village Wahid Bud Kubur, the delegation visited SRSO’s constructed resilience-based houses and witnessed the positive impact on beneficiaries’ lives.  Later, a meeting with Local Support Organisation (LSO), Gul Hassan Kubur provided valuable insights into the ADH-funded project’s impact on 30 women and their needs. The floodwater has not only displaced families but also shattered dreams. Yet, amid the destruction, seeds of resilience were sown, evident in the determination of the villagers to rebuild their lives.
A meeting with the LSO Gul Hassan Kubur revealed the heartbreaking tales of 30 women, whose lives were upended by the calamity.
The delegation also visited Ismail Sanjranj village to observe mobile medical camps and Village Dato Dasti to see the rehabilitated health facility, government Shifa Dawa Khana, emphasising the importance of quality healthcare in underserved areas.
In the village Dato Dasti, the delegation witnessed the resilience of a community rebuilding their health facility, the government Shifa Dawa Khana. 
Ms Cordulla Wasser, the head of the delegation said that we have been deeply moved by the courage and determination of these communities. The floods have caused immeasurable damage, but we also witnessed the resilience and hope planted amidst the ruins, she said and added that Malteser International stands committed to supporting these communities on their journey to recovery and rebuilding their lives.
The delegation also spent a full day with different meetings and engagements with different stakeholders. Ms Cordulla Wasser and the CEO SRSO visited the SRSO Complex in Sukkur where they met with team members across sectors, witnessed the dedication and efforts of the SRSO team in achieving their mission.

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