PUC, Church of Pakistan leadership to meet on Quran desecration incidents

ISLAMABAD  -  In response to the recent incidents of burning the Holy Quran in Swe­den and Denmark, the leadership of the Pakistan Ulema Council and the Church of Pakistan are set to convene a significant meeting on Tuesday.

The anticipated gathering aims to address and announce key deci­sions pertaining to the alarming des­ecration of the Holy Quran, which has sparked international outrage. Lead­ers from both the Muslim and Chris­tian communities will come together to deliberate on the gravity of the sit­uation and explore measures to foster interreligious harmony in the wake of these distressing events.

Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi will be in attendance, along­side President of the Church of Paki­stan, Bishop Azad Marchal, and dis­tinguished Ulema and Mashaykh and representatives from various faiths.

Following the pivotal meeting, Ashrafi and Marchal will address a press conference alongside other re­ligious leaders. The press conference is expected to shed light on the out­comes of the gathering and outline the proposed initiatives to address the is­sue at hand. The meeting stands as a testament to Pakistan’s commitment to religious tolerance and unity, and it is hoped that the decisions taken will contribute to fostering greater under­standing and respect among diverse religious communities both within the country and on the international stage.

As the world watches closely, the collaborative efforts of the Pakistan Ulema Council and the Church of Pak­istan are anticipated to mark a pivotal step towards promoting global har­mony and religious coexistence.

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