ISLAMABAD -The Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has auctioned three out of total four cattle markets presented for open bidding against a total amount of Rs56 million.

An open auction was held at the Directorate of Municipal Administration Islamabad to auction the cattle markets in which the main cattle market in Sector I-15 received the highest bid of Rs 51.2 million.

Furthermore, two other small cattle markets going to be established near Sultana Foundation on Lehtrar road and at Sangjani in Islamabad were auctioned against Rs1.6m and Rs3.56m respectively.

However, two bidders deposited money but did not participate in the auction for a cattle market earmarked at the area of Bahra Khau. When contacted, the deputy commissioner Islamabad, who is also the administrator of MCI, said that the cattle markets are auctioned successfully and they will ensure that the public will be facilitated through these markets.

He said they will try to auction the fourth cattle market at Bahra Khau in the next few days and if it fails, then we will manage it through some other way.

The successful bidder is supposed to get prescribed fee from the owners of sacrificial animals in return of providing them the facilities, it has become an established practice every year that majority of citizens complaint against overcharging of high fees by these cattle markets’ contractors.