Punjab Assembly unanimously condemns horrific incidents of mob lynching

Resolution urges courts to ensure delivery of justice

LAHORE    -  Punjab Assembly on Monday unanimously passed a resolution against mob lynching of blasphemy accused, demanding of the federal and provincial governments to ensure the protection of citizens by taking necessary steps to prevent such incidents. Treasury member Raheela Khadim Hussain moved the resolution citing various blasphemy incidents in the past. “This Assembly takes serious notice of recent mob lynching incidents. It expresses concern that such incidents have increased in various parts of the country recently. This Assembly strongly condemns these horrific and tragic incidents, which cannot be tolerated in any civilised society,” the resolution said.

The resolution urged the federal and provincial governments to ensure the protection of all citizens demanding that all necessary and immediate actions be taken in this regard. “This Assembly firmly believes that the right to life is the most respected right as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan, and every person in Pakistan is equal in the eyes of the Constitution,” said the resolution, demanding that individuals involved in blasphemy incidents should be identified and investigated and prosecuted under relevant laws.

“The courts must ensure the delivery of justice,” the resolution further stated. The resolution was unanimously adopted by both the treasury and the opposition members. Speaker Mohammad Ahmad Khan observed that incidents in the name of religion are becoming a great evil.

Also, the Assembly concluded the discussion on the budget on Monday. The process of budget approval will begin tomorrow. During the budget speech, opposition and government members continued to attack each other with political rhetoric. There was an exchange of harsh words between Samiullah Khan and Hafiz Farhat Abbas of the PTI-backed Sunni Ittehad Council. But later both apologized for their remarks.

The verbal attacks started when Samiullah Khan made remarks about Bushra Bibi and Tyrian, which caused an uproar among the opposition benches. Hafiz Farhat Abbas retorted, saying that since Samiullah doesn’t get the chance to talk at home; he would reveal everything about Azma Bukhari. Abbas alleged that two maids were running the government in Punjab.

Samiullah Khan responded by questioning whether Tyrian was not the daughter of Khan and suggested that Hafiz Farhat Abbas should go to jail and take an oath from Khan. The tension between Hafiz Farhat Abbas and Samiullah Khan escalated to the point where both had to apologize later. Speaker Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan intervened, stating that he would not tolerate comments about families and urged members not to harbor hatred that could lead to conflict.

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