Chahar Bagh: A Life of Imperial Luxury

The architecture of today is known as contemporary architecture. The word refers to a variety of contemporary styles that have been merged and shared. Likewise, these styles are based on less conventional construction concepts. It includes all of the recent breakthroughs and trends, as well as planned modifications and changes to architectural elements from prior eras.

Rather than adhering to a particular style or set of principles, contemporary architecture encompasses of traits and stylistic choices that are consistent with contemporary society and values. Contemporary architects utilise postmodernism, high-tech architecture, and fresh interpretations of traditional architecture.

Contemporary architecture reflects the location's heritage while bringing a current viewpoint. It is made up of highly imaginative forms and designs that mimic sculptures on a big scale. Due to its multiple benefits, contemporary architecture has gained appeal not only throughout the world but also in Pakistan in recent years. Pakistani architecture design is distinguished by its variety. Numerous modern constructions coexist with many antique ones, resulting in a stunning fusion.

The contemporary necessity for walkable gated communities and cities has received a lot of attention in recent studies of urban planning. The designs of gated communities and cities are being redesigned as a result of the high expenses connected with existing city designs and the expanding urban sprawl. The amount of time we spend in automobiles to get to our destinations is increasing all the time, and city centers are growing increasingly remote. This worry may be found in the statement that our cities are designed for vehicles rather than providing room for walking and biking paths.

Traditional and contemporary architecture is significant because it preserves our connection to the past. This connection to the past is what keeps us drawn to historic structures and styles that may be adapted into other architectural ideas. Using traditional architectural styles and components when building gives inhabitants, a sense of tranquilly and continuity across their neighborhood without deviating too far from their traditions and heritage. Each architecture has a distinct "essence," and comprehending this essence is critical to both architectural discourse and practice. The "essence" of architecture may well be regarded as a dynamic interaction between humans and the urban environment. As a result, ‘man’s' relationship to location is more than just being able to orient himself; it is part of a far deeper process of identity formation.

This home is like a heaven, with four gardens. The name CHAHAR BAGH equates to "four gardens" in Persian and is based on the "Four Gardens of Paradise" stated in the Holy Quran. When it became time to name this neighborhood, the developers sought something that symbolized both their historic heritage and the modern philosophy of life. As a result, the community derives its name from the Mughal era. It's a mix of traditional and contemporary living, with many cutting-edge developments for both commercial and residential areas in one convenient location that spans hundreds of acres at its full extent, making it ideal not only for being close to the Metro Station but also for easy access from all nearby highways.

The 'Ravi Urban Development Authority' (RUDA) is developing one of their projects “Ravi ChaharBagh”, a cutting-edge mixed-use residential and commercial complex. This project is being launched by RUDA in order to attract national and international real estate investors/ buyers in order to develop a contemporary and smart futuristic community in Ravi City. RUDA will provide land and other basic infrastructure for usage, but ownership of the land will reside with RUDA. According to the master plan, "ChaharBagh" is located in Phase-1 of RUDA City, adjacent to the Lahore Ring Road. Individuals and property investors will be able to acquire the land through a balloting model. The last date of balloting application submission was 21st March 2022 and Balloting will be conducted on April 14, 2022. The best part about this project is that after the balloting, the winners will be assigned plots, giving people peace of mind and sending a message to all private real estate investors/developers that only investing or purchasing a plot file is not a safe way to invest and is not endorsed by any competent authorities.

The project is located along with the Ravi River Lahore.

Nearby areas:
• Near to the motorway (M-2)
• Adjacent to Ring Highway Interchange
• 10-minute drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport

The project spans around 1,000+ Kanals of land, which is split into several sections. The developer now provides 10-marla, 1 kanal, and 2- and 3-bedroom units. Those who wish to live with family or earn a good return on investment may experience a modern lifestyle with up-to-date conveniences.

Amenities and Facilities:
• Minimum Carbon footprint
• CCTV surveillance
• Connection with river
• Cornea recognition
• Drone/quad delivery
• Organic market runs by the project
• The project's own smart forest
• Energy from renewable sources
• Rooftop gardens
• Safe drinking water from the tap
• Self-sustained water reservoir
• Smart garbage collection
• Sewerage treatment plants

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