A wakeup call for PML-N  

There is no place in democratic politics for a mindset that families have a divine right to rule, which is akin to monarchies and dictatorships. Politicians are expected to display humbleness in public and not arrogance. No political party, be it PMNL or PPP, or PTI can take the public for granted and expect them to vote blindly like a flock of sheep. Citizens of Pakistan today face an economic crisis, which has been created by decades of poor governance, abuse of power, conflicts of interest, indirect taxation, and subsidies for the affluent, with hardly any relief for the most deprived. 

It is time for political leadership to look beyond their kith and kin and instead make appointments on merit. The economic hemorrhage that Pakistan faces requires a team of qualified economists of repute and integrity, instead of family members who may be good chartered accountants, not civil bureaucrats, but specialists to handle the enormity of economic crisis. There should be direct taxation on all sources of income and industries, including real estate and cartels owned by foundations enjoying tax exemptions. Indirect taxation should only be levied after exhausting direct taxation to bridge the gap, instead of vice-versa. Massive economic structural reforms are needed.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt