PTI must be put in dock for targeting Pak Army: Siddiqui

ISLAMABAD       -     The ele­ments behind an orga­nized conspiracy against the Pakistan Army should be brought to justice, said Senator Ir­fan Siddiqui on Friday. Talking to journalist here at the Parliament House, the senator said that army’s interfer­ence in political affairs, imposition of martial laws, and those gener­als who abrogated the constitution have always been criticized. This has been a major cause of the current crisis, but now Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has targeted the Pakistani Army as an institution, he said. The incumbent Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen­eral Syed Asim Munir, who was targeted before his appointment, still re­mains the target of smear campaigns, he said. In response to a question, Senator Siddiqui said that the PTI was target­ing the army not only within the country but also at the international level. The protest out­side the British Prime Minister’s residence and other places was part of the same plan. He said letters were being sent to United Nations and other organizations and they have hired firms for “speeding propaganda.” Siddiqui said that PTI leaders were reaching out to diplomats in Is­lamabad to make them believe that the army was trampling on basic human rights through the government, and that the army was re­sponsible for whatever was happening in the country. PML-N law­maker said that target­ing the army as an in­stitution and accusing its chief was equivalent to playing with national defense. Responding to a question, he admitted that these elements were playing with the national defence, but incumbent govt was giving them un­necessary concessions. He said that these ele­ments should be put in the dock at earliest.

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