LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shehbaz has said that Imran Niazi will not be allowed to play havoc with the law.

“Imran Niazi wants to create anarchy in the country and because of him, politicians are at loggerheads”, he said while talking to the media after the funeral prayer of martyred Constable Kamal Ahmad at police lineshere. The youngest son and brother of the martyred constable were also present. The CM said that Imran should look at the sobs of the son of the martyred Constable Kamal Ahmad. “It is the result of hatred that you have sown in the hearts of workers. The chaos has so spread that before the shooting of him, the PTI workers did not see that he is also someone’s father and someone’s son”.   He said that Maryam Nawaz was his sister but besides Maryam Nawaz, there were other daughters too.

“Imagine the mental balance of the one who talks about the atomic bomb explosion in this country? He is a claimant of Madinah state but is not aware of how to mention the names of the daughters. I am a political man and I have spent 22 months in jail. I will not take revenge but Pakistanis demand that if you spread chaos, under the guise of politics, play with the constitution, and i carry out a suicide attack on the country in the guise of democracy, then the law will come into action”, he warned the PTI chairman.

He said he did not know when the governor would swear in as two months had passed.

Talking about the killing of a police constable at the hands of PTI workers, Hamza asked: “What is the fault of Shaheed Constable Kamal Ahmed’s 8-month-old son that his father’s shelter has been taken away from his head? Imran Niazi has spread the fire of hatred all over Pakistan”.

Replying to a question, the chief minister said: My heart is very sad today. Martyred Constable Kamal Ahmad has 5 children who will miss their father at every moment. Our words cannot heal the wounds of these innocent children”.

CM attends funeral of constable Kamal Ahmad

The chief minister said that a difficult decision had been taken to stop the politics of anarchy. “Aware of the criticism, I took the harsh decision because PTI people have already staged a 126-day entertainment in Islamabad. At that time, they were told not to go to the red zone and be confined to the parade ground but they took the law into their own hands and used axes, knives, sticks and cranes in the dark of night to enter the red zone and vandalized it”.

He said Imran Niazi’s supporters were openly threatening that it would be a bloody march as they don’t have any shame. “When the courts opened at 12 o’clock, you went to violate the constitution and the law at that time. You were thinking of making a mockery of the Constitution of Pakistan”.

The CM apologized to the people as they were facing difficulties due to road closures but said it was a temporary inconvenience. “I apologize to the people that we have taken all these steps with a heavy heart. Imran Niazi has decided to stage entertainment in Pakistan on the same day when talks are being held with the IMF. Tomorrow the enemies would punish the Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik and his wife is appealing to change the date of the march. I am taking the steps that I should take as a Pakistani,” he said.

Hamza went on to say: “Imran Khan, you should fear Allah as you have done a lot of injustice to the people. It is not a banana republic that the Election Commission works according to your will. For four years, you have given people nothing but hunger. More than 21 people died in the snow in Murree, but you did not send the helicopter to rescue them on which you go to the office every day”.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz attended the funeral of Constable Kamal Ahmad, who lost his life due to the firing of the PTI office-bearer, at Police Lines on Tuesday. He offered fateha for the departed soul and laid a floral wreath at the body of the martyred constable while a smartly turned-out police contingent presented the last salute.

Hamza Shehbaz also extended sympathies to the bereaved family adding that he was at a loss of words to express sorrow. The attacker would be taken to task; he said and paid tributes to the great sacrifice of the martyred constable who offered his life in the line of duty. The father of five children, Kamal Ahmad is a hero of the nation and we’re proud of his sacrifices, he said. The government is standing with his heirs and they would not be left alone, concluded the CM.   Kh. Salman Rafiq, Ataullah Tarar, Imran Goraya, Talha Burki, PMLN office bearers, IG police, CCPO Lahore, DIG (Ops) and others attended the funeral.