Political catastrophe in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently passing through the most critical era of its history. Since the fall of the PTI government, Pakistani institutions have been severely criticised on social media. The country seems to be heading towards a constitutional crisis; the turmoil in Punjab Assembly is evidence of political pundits’ impotence. The country has reached a place where public and politics are imperceptibly entangled under the guise of a ‘foreign conspiracy’.

Since Pakistan is in economic turmoil now, it is imperative to first direct the economy towards sustainability and unchain the country from the clutches of the IMF before anything else.

We need to act like Malaysia and Turkey on our economic woes. Malaysia created a free economic zone, established peace and security in its country and gave a tax-free business development plan to the whole world, where land and electricity were free for ten years; consequently, the world’s interest turned to Malaysia, the plan was later adopted by China and developed countries too.

Similarly, in Turkey, before the reigns of Najmuddin Erdogan and Tayyip Erdogan, all the debts owed to Turkey were paid-off prior to the formulation of an independent foreign policy.

The former government of Pakistan certainly extended its hand to Russia through mutual consultation, goodwill, and honesty. However, nations are not governed on emotional manoeuvres with economic instability, because the independence and sovereignty of the country’s foreign policy depends on the strength of the country’s internal situation so that it does not face any kind of hardship against any odds.

In fact, whether it is PTI or the present government, both came to power with weak numerical support. Therefore, a pitiful dilemma will remain as both of them will fail to prove their capabilities. On the other hand, governing strategically and tactfully is no cowardice.

This means that instead of imposing an arduous war on oneself, one has to strengthen one’s strategies and take the right step at the right time.

Pakistan is facing many challenges, a major one is the economic crisis. The people of Pakistan may join rallies, protest, take to the streets in favour of former Prime Minister Imran Khan; they may also present their demands, to the present government, to hold early elections, but, the honour and defence of the country should not be targeted in any way.

This has happened in the past as well; such kinds of acts are completely wide off the mark. Dissent is, undoubtedly, an ornament to the beauty of democracy; it should be exercised at its fullest as it’s the democratic right of every citizen, however, it is an obligation to call out what is right and what is wide of the mark.

The attempt to corner institutions is a direct attempt to dismantle Pakistan, therefore, every individual of the nation and every political party must realign their direction. The politics of unwarranted criticisms and accusations against each other is unquestionably not in the national interest of Pakistan.

Sheikh Jawad Hussain

Sheikh Jawad Hussain

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt