Cabinet shows solidarity with Armed Forces

ISLAMABAD    -    The federal cabinet has ex­pressed complete support and solidarity with the defenders of the country and the martyrs. 

The cabinet meeting, which met Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in the chair here yester­day, was given a comprehen­sive briefing on extremely un­fortunate incidents of May 9 during which private and pub­lic properties were damaged by violent protestors. 

The meeting was told that so far 95 people have been iden­tified where as 60 per cent of these have been arrested. The cabinet was told that on 9th May miscreants of PTI had inflicted injuries to common cit­izens and officials of the law enforcement agencies. The cabinet was told that pri­vate and public property was attacked and damaged. Police and army vehicles, ambulances and public transport busses were also put on fire. The Cabinet was told that in addition to these sensitive installa­tions were attacked. 

Police stations, Jinnah House Lahore and Radio Pakistan building in Peshawar were attacked and put on fire.

The cabinet meeting was told that the cases against attackers have been regis­tered under the Pakistan Penal Code and Anti-Terrorism Act.

The cabinet was informed that only those attackers would be tried under the Army Act against whom there will be complete information that they were in­volved in attacking sensitive installations. 

The cabinet was told that the cases un­der the Army Act and the final verdict could be challenged before the superior judiciary. 

The federal cabinet made it clear that the decisions of the National Security Committee made on 16th May will be im­plemented in letter and spirit.

The federal cabinet directed that the condemnation resolution adopted by the National Assembly on 9th May should be made part of the record. 

The cabinet also directed to effectively counter the PTI propaganda originating from various foreign countries.

During the meeting, the Prime Minis­ter made it clear that any innocent citizen who had nothing to do with the 9th May incident should not be arrested. It was di­rected that those people involved, their identification and arrest process should be accelerated.

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