Pakistan can boost mango exports by improving quality

ISLAMABAD-Pakistan can increase its mango exports by improving its quality, said an official. Mango is one of the most popular and widely consumed tropical fruits, and several countries are major producers and exporters of mangoes. “Pakistan has the potential to increase mango exports three-fold as at present only around 5% of total production is exported,” said Dr Nur Ullah, Senior Scientific Officer at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC).
However, he said, there are a few challenges that need to be addressed to improve the quality of mangoes and increase their market share globally. “Pakistan has seen a major 50% decrease in mango production last year. In 2022, farmers were anticipating a rich harvest of mango, but all their dreams were shattered as Pakistan has seen a significant decline in production,” he mentioned.
Dr Nur said Pakistan exports around 100,000 tons of mangoes yearly, valuing around $100 million. This number could grow exponentially. “Having the best mango production in the world, Pakistan could expand its exports with proper agrarian practices,” he added. Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) is making efforts to improve the export of quality mangoes to increase its share in the global high-end market. It has started mango bagging under a pilot project in two of Pakistan’s main mango-producing provinces, Sindh and Punjab. In order to maintain premium quality mangoes with an appealing aesthetic appearance, it ensures a uniform size, colour and shape of the fruit.
Around 10 farms have been selected in Sindh’s districts, while 15 are being developed in Multan district of Punjab. Unripe mangoes are bagged in a few lower-Sindh mango farms of progressive mango producers in Tando Allahyar district. In order to grab high-end markets, the government should ensure mangoes are healthy and pest-free. TDAP has also provided porous paper bags to growers to protect mangoes from insects and abrasion, preserving their cosmetic value. The bags serve as physical barriers for fruit flies as well. By adopting these measures, Pakistan can improve the export of quality mangoes and increase its share in the global high-end mango market. This can help boost the country’s economy and promote its image as a producer of high-quality mangoes.

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