Thalassemia as a silent pandemic  

Balochistan is the largest province by area of Pakistan with a population of 12,344,408 according to the census 2017. Healthcare facilities are very basic for the population but unfortunately, the province lacks the facilities. The lack of healthcare facilities and awareness can be seen as very dangerous in the future in situations of life-threatening diseases like thalassemia occur, the cases are rising every year in Pakistan with high rates of occurrence cases in provinces, especially in Balochistan. The β-thalassemia disease is a lifelong illness that can result in serious health problems even death. There are an estimated 2,000 children with β-thalassemia in the province of Balochistan. These children are at high risk of acquiring transfusion-transmitted infections (TTIs) due to their need of regular blood transfusions for survival.

In addition, the number of infected born children is increasing because of their parent’s infections who didn’t do their tests (HB electrophoresis) If they are infected their single mistake leads to a big loss of hundreds of lives, but the truth is they are not aware of the disease and how to control it. The province is losing more than 500 lives each year, so the government must be concerned about the loss.

Furthermore, The government should arrange projects to spread awareness to the people also by making the HB electrophoresis test legally necessary before marriage to save lives again it can be seen as very dangerous in the future if the government did not do so. The government should be concerned about the suggestion and must take proper action regarding the gist of the issue.



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