Demise of Iranian President

A few days ago, an incident occurred where a plane went missing from the radar system, leading to numerous rumors. Iranian intelligence, along with the media, began investigating this serious issue. After tireless efforts, it was confirmed that President Ibrahim Raisi is no more.

The facts are still being sorted out to determine whether this was a common crash, criminal negligence, or something else. The world is aware of the strained relationship between the superpowers and Iran, which has faced numerous sanctions and isolation efforts. Recently, Pakistan was warned against engaging in trade with Iran, facing potential repercussions from the superpowers.

The recent clash between Israel and Iran cannot be ignored. Israel attacked the Iranian embassy, but Iran retaliated strongly, bringing down Israel’s intelligence system within their own country. Iran subsequently warned Israel of severe consequences for this attack.

Given these facts, it is crucial to conduct a high-level investigation to uncover the hidden details behind this plane crash.


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