Health experts urges public to take prevention against heat wave

SUKKUR   -   Health experts on Friday urged the public to take preventive measures against the heat wave that has on its peak across the Sukkur region. The effects of heat waves on human body were fast heartbeat, breathing complications, low blood pressure level, sweating, severe headache, dizziness, sickness. According to Dr Najaf Ali Shah, a prominent health expert of Khairpur Medical College Hospital, with soaring temperatures, the Tarai settlements are prone to the effects of heat wave.

The heat wave may affect the brain, the doctor said, urging the public to avoid exposure during daytime as much as possible during the presence of heat wave that may cause dehydration, affecting the kidneys and heart. The doctor suggested an intake of plenty of drinking water, having a cold shower, use of an umbrella and covering of head with a thin cloth while going outside, wearing cotton clothes, choosing morning or evening hours to undertake work outside the home, intake of lemon and water, coconut water and fresh juice, intake of fruits and cucumber. If possible, do not go outside the home during the day, not spend much time in the kitchen, to stay away from smoking and drinking beverages, tea, coffee, and soda-mixed water, he added.

Cold water stalls set up in Nawabshah

Cold water stalls have been set up in all Talukas, on the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Shahid Benazirabad, Shahyar Gul Memon after the Meteorological Department has predicted an increase in heat intensity. Cold water stalls were set up in all the talukas of Shaheed Benazirabad district with the help of the town administration in various areas and intersections of the cities.

Meanwhile, heat stroke wards have been established in all the health centers of the district by the DHO while provision of facilities has been ensured by establishing heat stroke wards in all the health centers including People’s Medical Hospital.

The Deputy Commissioner said that citizens should follow precautionary measures to avoid heat wave and avoid leaving their homes unnecessarily.

The Deputy Commissioner said that providing relief to the people of the district is the first priority.

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