Health minister vows zero tolerance against medicines shortages

LAHORE   -   Punjab Health Minister Khawaja Imran Nazir has asserted that the shortage of life-saving medicines will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Addressing the representatives of drug distributors on Friday, he emphasized that those responsible for the scarcity of essential drugs will be strictly dealt with. During the meeting, the minister called on drug distributors to collaborate with the government in identifying and exposing individuals involved in hoarding and causing shortages of vital medications. He announced the development of a Distributors Inventory Management System (DMIS), designed to ensure transparency and an uninterrupted supply of medicines. He highlighted that access to medicines is a fundamental right of citizens and assured that the government would consider the distributors’ demands with empathy. Drug distributors expressed concerns regarding the DMIS and submitted several demands. In response, he instructed the Drug Control Wing to form a technical committee.

including three representatives from the distributors, to address these issues amicably.

He also promised full support to the local pharmaceutical industry to boost domestic medicine production.

Notable attendees included DG Drug Control Muhammad Sohail, Additional Secretary Dr. Qalandar Khan, Chief Drug Control Azhar Jamal Salimi, Secretary PQCB Dr. Manzoor Hayat, and representatives from major drug distributors such as UDL Distributor, Farhat Ali Pharma, Paramount Pharma, Paras Distributor, Sameed Distributors, and Khawaja Distributors. The distributors expressed gratitude to the Health minister for his commitment to addressing their concerns.

This initiative marks a significant step towards ensuring the availability of essential medicines and supporting the pharmaceutical sector in Punjab.

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