NIH issues advisory on heatwave

ISLAMABAD    -   The National Institute of Health (NIH) has issued an advisory regarding the rising intensity of heatwaves and the associated risk of sunstroke across the country. 

The advisory highlights the increasing impact of climate change due to global warming, reported a private news channel on Friday.

According to the NIH, the risks and effects of heatwaves are on the rise, with an expected increase in morbidity and mortality due to heatstroke. The Institute stresses the importance of immediate measures to combat heatstroke, particularly by avoiding direct sunlight. The advisory emphasizes that preventing dehydration is crucial in avoiding complications from heatstroke.

Additionally, the NIH warned that extreme heat can also lead to typhoid fever. 

The NIH urges the public to take these warnings seriously and adopt measures to protect themselves during the heatwave.

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