Traffic dept devises climate-resilient strategy

PESHAWAR  -   The Traffic Department has devised a climate-resilient strategy to enhance the performance of its officials amid scorching heat and extreme weather conditions. Chief Traffic Police Officer Peshawar, Saood Khan, revealed this plan during the ‘Meet the Press’ program at the Peshawar Press Club. He highlighted the adverse effects of heatwaves and escalating air and noise pollution due to increasing traffic.

A new heat-absorbing uniform is in the works for traffic police, Khan disclosed. This uniform, made of special material, aims to shield officials from the severe impacts of heatwaves. The proposal awaits approval from higher authorities for procurement. Furthermore, a rotation policy is under consideration to transfer officials from congested traffic points, where pollution levels are high. Duties will rotate fortnightly, particularly from areas with significant health risks.

To support officials during peak heat hours, arrangements will be made for refreshments, including cold water and beverages. Traffic vans will distribute these provisions across the city to aid colleagues regulating traffic under the sun. Addressing concerns about vehicle emissions, Khan stated that stringent actions are taken against smoke-emitting vehicles as per official penalty rates. Additionally, measures are being discussed to curb the entry of non-registered vehicles into Peshawar.

Khan emphasized that the primary objective of the traffic police is not revenue generation through excessive fines but ensuring public safety and environmental protection.

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