Tribal Disputes

Tribal disputes have long plagued Sindh, a region once renowned for its peace and knowledge. Today, these virtues are found only in history books and folklore. Sindh, the land of saints, poets, and mystics, was once characterized by altruism and love. However, recent events paint a starkly different picture. On May 18, 2024, another tragic incident occurred in Kashmore, where a man was brutally shot by a group of fifty people. This follows the murder of Professor Ajmal Sawand two years ago in the same area. These heinous acts are part of a broader pattern of violence fueled by feudalism. Feudal lords support these criminals to maintain their grip on power, perpetuating a cycle of resistance to education.

The lawless region of Kacha has become notorious for its ruthless operatives, who target fathers, brothers, sons, and even unborn children. Recently, Behram Sawand was surrounded and killed by fifty armed criminals. His final moments, captured in a video trending on social media, reveal his heartbreaking plea: “Please give me water. How can I run away from you fifty people? I know you will kill me, but for God’s sake, don’t spoil my face.”

The persistence of tribal disputes and the violence they breed highlight the urgent need for systemic change in Sindh. Addressing the root causes of feudalism and fostering education are essential steps towards restoring peace and harmony in this historically rich region.



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