LAHORE-A documentary film on 30 years career of singer turned religious scholar Junaid Jamshed will be released on December 1. Pakistani American Imran Ahmad Khan, producer and director of the film ‘Ansoo’, told APP here on Thursday that his film will show the secret aspects of Junaid Jamshed’s life as a kind person.

He said that last conversation of Junaid Jamshed before the crash of his aeroplane on December 7, 2016 is also a part of the film . Junaid Jamshed started his singing career in 1980’s as lead singer of vital signs band. He was a man of many labels - a trendsetter, a spiritual inspiration, the centre of much media attention and never far from controversy.

Junaid’s father served in the air force. Junaid also wanted to become a fighter pilot but due to his week eyesight was unable to fulfill his dream. He gained nationwide prominence and international recognition as group ‘Vital Signs’ vocalist in 1987 with the album, Vital Signs 1.

It included the singles ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, and ‘Tum Mil Gaye’. The famous ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ that became the second national anthem was in this album.

In 1994, he released his debut solo album, Junaid of Vital Signs followed by Us Rah Par in 1999 and Dil Ki Baat in 2002.

In 2003, BBC World Service conducted a poll to choose the most popular songs. Around 7,000 songs were selected from all over the world. According to BBC, people from 155 countries/territories voted in the poll. “Dil Dil Pakistan” was ranked third among the top 10 songs. In 2004, Jamshed left the music industry after a spiritual awakening, choosing to devote his life to religious activities. Jamshed left both his engineering and music careers and, afterwards, focused on his religious activities for Islam and started reciting Nasheed’s on TV and releasing them on CD’s. Jamshed also owned a clothing boutique with the name ‘Jay Dot’, which has several outlets in Pakistan and across the globe.

Junaid was awarded the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2007. He has sung a number of Naats, Hamds and has been travelling in many parts of the world spreading the message of Islam.