LAHORE      -      Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman on Thursday said that there was no imminent threat of imposition of governor’s rule in Punjab and he looked down upon the idea. In a meeting with senior journalists at the Governor’s house here, he said there had been certain instances when governor’s rule was imposed in the provinces like Punjab and Sindh but he did not see any likelihood of such a step in near future, adding, his party believed in democratic values. “Though the constitution provided for it but it will be used as a last resort,” the Governor added. On mob attack on Governor’s house, he was of the view that Governor’s house symbolised federation and an uncalled for attack was unfortunate, adding that a handful of people scaled walls of the Governor’s house while the police watched as silent spectators. he said nobody could be allowed to threaten the sanctity of an institution. he further said Governor’s house was a historical building and it would be opened to the tourists soon, adding the ‘Drawing Room’ would be embellished with paintings of famous painters including Ustad Allah Bakhsh. On security of Governor’s house, he said Punjab police personnel had continued with the task, adding the Rangers assumed the charge for few days but he had not pressed for their presence. On private universities, he said he had serious reservation on charters to several private-sector universities by the Punjab government, adding, he had not so far given his nod on any of such legislation. On legislation, he said the Punjab government had deviated from law on many occasions and he had returned certain legislation for compliance with the law and improvement for public good. On the on-going Punjab Assembly session since July this year, the Governor Punjab said it put extra burden on the exchequer while it had kept the legislators away from their constituencies for months. he further said very small number of legislators attended the session where legislation were being passed.