ISLAMABAD         -         Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal on Thursday said the donors conference to collect funding for reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in the flood-hit areas was expected in the first week of January. Presiding over a meeting here regarding the strategic plan for post-flood reconstruction and rehabilitation at National Flood Response and Coordination Center (NFRCC), the minister said roadshows would also be held in major capitals of the world for reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. He said the strategy of 4R (Resilient, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction) and 3I (Infrastructure needs, institutional requirements and investment) should be adopted in the rehabilitation and reconstruction plan. Various financing options should be considered to fund short-term and long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation projects, he said adding that the international community must be informed about the steps taken by the government of Pakistan so far after the flood. He said different financing options should be considered for shortterm and long-term plans of reconstruction and rehabilitation while the international community should also be informed about the steps taken so far by the government of Pakistan.