During the Cold War, we lived in coded 

times when it wasn’t easy and there were 

shades of grey and ambiguity.

–John le Carre

Nikita Khrushchev made a speech at a time when it had become clear that the US and the Cuban government were at odds with one another, with the former having placed economic sanctions on the latter. He quickly took advantage of the situation where a country was left alienated by a competing global power, and offered support—financial and military—to the Cuban nationalist movement. Khrushchev states that there was only one class of people that was fighting for socialism but that the success of that movement enabled for more than 1000 million people to also join the ranks of Russia. Then he asserts that the banner of Marxism-Leninism is flying and that socialist countries will extend their full support to Cuba and its fight for independence. The objective is clearly highlighted to be frustrating the US and its approach of using economic sanctions to inspire obedience. Russia would do whatever it took to support those countries, especially Cuba, and Khrushchev made it a point to also reiterate the military might and capacity of the Russian government. Should a point come when armed resistance became necessary, they would provide Cuba with all the resources needed to fight off the US.