No political party, individual or group is more important than Pakistan. Every state institution exists to serve the citizens of Pakistan as per their defined constitutional role. Millions of Muslims lost their lives or were displaced and slaughtered during their migration to Pakistan. This country was created by Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal and scores of pioneers of our freedom movement, so that its citizens could live and breathe in a modern democratic welfare state. Not a monarchy, or dictatorship, but a country created to be ruled by the people for their benefit, free to practice their faith without fear. No individual is more important than Pakistan. Every individual is mortal and the graveyards of this world are proof if any is needed, that we are all dispensable. Pakistan must survive so that our future generations can live in peace, free from extremism and terrorism of all shades and opinions.

The senseless manner in which politicians of Pakistan, in their struggle for political power, are advocating rumors or news that Pakistan is on verge of defaulting, are doing no service to this country. Collective efforts need to be made across the political divide to bring this country out of impending crisis, instead of spreading disharmony, which is likely to impact foreign direct investment and bail-out packages. There is no doubt that Pakistan faces an economic crunch, because of years of continuous financial indiscipline and conflicts of interests of ruling elected/paid elite. This has not happened in the past 6 months, but is the cumulative impact of abuse of powers by successive governments.