LAHORE   -   Senator Kesha Ram of Vermont visited the Lahore Museum - an architectural masterpiece, built by her great grandfather Sir Ganga Ram - in the pro­vincial metropolis, here on Thursday. Kesha Ram Hinsdale - a Democratic Vermont State Senator - is great granddaughter of Sir Ganga Ram, who is regarded as the father of modern Lahore. Ganga Ram is the architect of buildings like Aitchison College, National College of Arts (NCA), GPO, Government College and Model Town in Lahore. Lavishing praises on the distinguished architec­tural heritage, Kesha Ram said “Lahore Museum is one of the architectural masterpieces of my great grandfather”, adding that the museum is of great historical and cultural importance. “I am very pleased to come to the place where my great grandfather spent some time of his life and it feels as if I have returned to my ancestral home,” Kesha Ram said. Praising preservation of various arti­facts and historical records, she said it was need of the hour to preserve the masterpieces for the generations to come.