Two girls marry brothers for Canada nationality

| Scam puts question mark on performance of FIA, Nadra, Passport authorities

RAWALPINDI - In a new immigration scam of its kind, two Pakistani Canadian brothers married their sisters to get them Canadian nationality. One of them managed to take his sister-cum-wife to Canada and get her settled there, but the second brother remained unsuccessful.
The illegal act of the second brother contracting marriage with his sister was caught through DNA test and because of fake marriage certificate, reliable sources confided to The Nation here on Friday. He could not call her sister-cum-wife to Canada.  The first one whose bid remained successful staged yet another drama in Canada as he divorced her sister-cum-wife in Canada after 4 to 5 years through Ontario Superior Court of Justice in June 2010 and contracted second marriage with another Pakistani girl.
The two brothers prepared fake computerised national identity cards (CNICs) and national identity cards for overseas Pakistanis (NICOPs) from Nadra; passports from Passport and Immigration Department; and flew from Benazir Bhutto International Airport – but none of the authorities concerned could detect the fraud, sources added.
All this put a serious question mark on the performance of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra), Passport and Immigration Department and other authorities at Benazir Bhutto International Airport as they remained in complete darkness during all the process, the sources asserted.  The copies of court decree and fake CNICs of the two brothers and their other family members’ bio-data are available with The Nation.
According to sources, Aziz-ur-Rehman, son of Saif-ur-Rehman (late), CNIC number 37301-29074617, passport number A-4536612 (issued at Jhelum), resident of Mohalla Shahpur, Bilal Town, Jhelum, got married with his sister namely Naureen Aziz, daughter of Saif-ur-Rehman, bearing CNIC number 37301-29074617, in Jhelum. Naureen later left for Canada.
In the meanwhile, Naureen applied for two passports at the same time, which were granted to her bearing number A-4536612 and AH-181930 dated 7/7/2007, sources said, adding that Aziz sent a family visa to Naureen after which she flew to Canada and started living with Aziz. In Canada, Naureen got another passport (AH-1819302) dated 3/4/2012.
Sources said that Aziz also remained successful in getting NICOP with address mentioned Tahlianwala, house number B-x-11-2r-146/3, district Jhelum, from Nadra without facing any problem. Aziz also got tempered the record of his real mother Rashida Begum (CNIC number 37301-12919302) allegedly with the help of Nadra officials and showed her as his mother-in-law with her new name Fatima Bibi whereas he showed Sajjad Hussain his father-in-law in documents.
Playing a trick with Canadian authorities, Naureen Aziz approached Justice Paisley of Ontario Superior Court of Justice through her lawyer Barrister Yahuda Levinson in January 2010 and got divorced from Aziz-ur-Rehman. Copy of decree, issued by Canadian court, is also available with The Nation.
On the other hand, Aziz trapped another girl namely Aasia Anwar daughter of Muhammad Anwar, lured her for Canadian nationality and married her after taking Rs 1.5 million from her, sources revealed.
Aasia too, throwing dust in the eyes of Nadra, obtained a CNIC number 37301-65439068 mentioning name of Aziz-ur-Rehman as her husband from Nadra Headquarter Islamabad in February 2011. The couple had a baby who was named Muhammad Anosh and who also was issued NICOP number 37301-57934467, sources said.
The story did not end here as another Canadian national of Pakistani origin Dilshad-ur-Rehman son of Saif-ur-Rehman (late), brother of Aziz-ur-Rehman, also got married with another of their sister Yasmin Aziz and obtained her new CNIC number 37301-52195746 and passport number MRP-BS-1345742 dated 7/7/2007.
Dilshad later sent sponsor letter from Canada to her sister-cum-wife. However, the authorities caught the fraud owing to DNA test and fake name mentioned on marriage certificate, and Yasmin could not move to Canada, sources said. They added that Dilshad also made an attempt to change her sister-cum-wife’s name as Wasim Akhter daughter of Sajjad Hussain.
Interestingly, Dilshad hid all this drama from his first wife namely Aneela Kanwal (CNIC number 34202-21346374; passport number MRP-EA-4796371), who is currently living in Bilal Town, Jhelum, with her two children, sources disclosed.
Sources alleged that the mastermind of all this game was Javed-ur-Rehman, another brother of the two Canadian Pakistanis, who enjoyed good relations with officials of FIA, Nadra and Passport and Immigration Department. Sources said that all the family had been involved in this illegal business for long. No high-ups of FIA, Nadra and Passport and Immigration Department offered any comment.

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