One million people to join Islamabad protest: Imran

| Calls PM biggest threat to national security accusing him of maligning Army

ISLAMABAD - Imran Khan believes at least one million people will stand by his party in Islamabad protest on November 2 and no one will be able to stop them.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman addressed to rallies and talked to media to gather maximum public support for his anti-government protest.

“No police can stop one million people,” he told participants of a warm-up rally. He said PM Nawaz Sharif had been exposed in the Panama Papers, and he was telling lies to ‘hide his corruption’ and save his skin.

He rejected the impression that his protest could create a problem for the national security as he declared Nawaz the ‘biggest security threat’ to the country instead.

He alleged the prime minister was trying to isolate the Pakistan Army, and termed a controversial news report as an attempt to defame Pakistan Army. He asked whether the defence minister doesn’t have responsibility to speak for Pakistan Army.

“Nawaz Sharif gave a message to Indo-Israel lobby to support and secure him and his corruption,” Imran said while lashing out at the news report published in Dawn newspaper a few weeks ago. He claimed that Indian analysts see Nawaz as their ‘asset and they have spoken it clearly’.

He said that firing and shelling starts at the Line of Control whenever there is pressure on government due to corruption of the rulers. “This has now become a regular pattern.”

“The ministers are constantly lying and blackmailing me to hide their corruption,” Imran said. “They are involved in propaganda against Shaukat Khanum Hospital while they are expected to take action when the offshore funds have been revealed,” he said, adding that he had offered the government for his own accountability.

“The military effectively dealt with the Chotu gang, it might now need to tackle the Motu gang too,” Imran remarked.

Khan has already declared that this time the siege of the federal capital would continue until the resignation of prime minister.

“PTI will not leave roads in Islamabad until justice is done,” he said, asking Nawaz Sharif to either face Panama leaks investigation or resign from premiership.

“Nawaz Sharif ... for seven months you have neither agreed to being investigated nor resigned,” Khan added. “Now you can’t run away from November 2.

“You will find no place to hide, not even an exit to Jeddah if you create a chaos to restrain the protesters,” he remarked.

He went on to say that the rulers’ corruption wasn’t only affecting the country financially, but also the two-nation theory. “Indian Muslims would think why a separate state was necessary when businessmen were to rule the country,” he said.

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