LAHORE-The newcomer in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Bilal Abbas Khan is slowly and steadily climbing up the success ladder. From the spellbinding performances to the videos that went viral, Bilal is the jack-of-all-trades, and fortunately, master of all as well.

The charming sensation has proven his mettle through his great performances in O Rangreza, Rasm-e-Dunya, and Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahin. The fervent actor has left people awestruck with his intense acting and surprisingly with his high pitched screams in his latest drama Balaa. In a brief encounter with The Nation, he talks about his career and success. Following are excerpts:

Was acting on your agenda always?

Actually, yes I have always wanted to pursue my career in acting. Since my student life, I have worked hard to achieve this dream that once seemed an innocent fantasy.

Your last film Thora Jee Le didn’t do well at the box office. How does failure affect you?

It was a new and exciting experience and I accepted it for the exposure. To be very honest by the time it came out, I was already busy in shooting for Rasm-e-Duniya and my focus was on what lay ahead instead of what had happened.

How was it working with Sajal Aly in ‘O Rangreza’?

It was an incredible experience. Sajal Aly is an amazing actress and it was fun working with her.

You are playing the role of an affectionate family boy in drama serial ‘Balaa’. Tell us something about it?

My character from ‘Balaa’ is an assertive responsible, loving and family person who enjoys a very adorable relationship with his mother played by Sameena Peerzada.

He is a man who gets challenged again and again. What happens, in the end, is a mystery for now. The response to the serial has been really good so far. People have been telling me it’s a different story and that all actors are doing a superb job for which I am humbled.

You do not seem to have a great interest in cinema. Is Television all you want to do?

To be very honest, I haven’t been offered anything extremely exciting on the big screen to take it up - and at the same time TV has been keeping me busy and giving me some challenging work.

Are you interested in working in Bollywood or Hollywood? Which director and actor do you want to work with next?

Wherever my luck takes me, I’d happily go. I just want my work to speak for itself, be it Lollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood.

The #MeToo movement has grown quite a bit in the last few months. How do you feel about the state of the movement today?

I think it is the most important movement of the twenty-first century and it was a long time coming. It is needed to end the pervasive abuse that has become entrenched in society. It is going to change the workplace - and the world - as we know it.

Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

My next project is titled Cheekh and it is unlike anything I have done before in my acting career and to be honest there were times where I almost said no to it - but after a few very detailed discussions with Badar Mehmood, who I have just worked with on the serial Balaa, I decided to take the leap of faith and do this role.

Fingers crossed that my fans who are used to seeing me play a certain type of hero in dramas will accept this version of Bilal Abbas too.

I am working with Saba Qamar on this project and at the same time it is a great learning experience for me.