Books are wonderful  companions  

Books are said to be the best companions one can ever have in life. There are various reasons and benefits of reading books. The best of all is that we erase our ignorance and become erudite. Books have many attributions on their credit as they are said to be the best guide who never get irritated of our follies and insane questions. They never deceive, as done by human beings. We can expect people around us to harm us but books never add any injury. They never reject us even if we are imperfect. They never misguide us, rather they make us walk on the right track of truth and fact.

Books are the perfect source of knowledge and guidance. In the present era of competition, the only source of contentment, delectation and peace of mind is a book.

Success can never be imagined without the collection of books. Books dwell everywhere but the place where they are found in abundance is called a library. It is a house of books which is credited to have produced thousands of successful students. Some people carry them all the time, some touch them at night alone. But books hate those who purchase them for the sake of decorum or handing over to others as a gift who never open them. A book is like a castle with thousands of windows and doors filled with treasures of information. Reading books and making friends with books makes us superior over others on the basis of knowledge. People with good reading habits are generally found to be more knowledgeable than people who don’t read books at all. This is why books are your best companions.

As the length of an ocean can not be measured, the benefit provided by books can not be measured too. There is one fine saying about the importance of books that if you want to be a leader, you need to be a reader. All the information, knowledge and wisdom of the world is buried in books. So, let us be friends with books since they are a friend of all-weather. They are not like worldly friendship to be there just in fair weather. Read books and suggest everyone at home to do the same. Books are more powerful than weapons as rightly said, “the pen is mightier than the sword.”



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