ISLAMABAD-Kim Kardashian has shared photos from her over-the-top 40th birthday bash, where she was treated to the same BMW she received on her sweet sixteen and special memories from past parties. Kim’s family surprised her on her big day by recreating many of her childhood birthday parties, starting from age one when she celebrated her special day with ponies. While the party was all shown on the special celebrating Kim’s birthday, these new photos posted recently provide another intimate look at her special day. The fun all started at age one, where Kim was wished a happy birthday to a recording of her late father Robert Kardashian. Kim’s sisters got involved for her 10th birthday, where they recreated the same dance they treated her to at her bash in 1990. The girls wore black leotards and bows around their necks as they did the can-can, while Kourtney sat on a chair holding a cane.