ISLAMABAD-Mission Impossible 7 is allegedly set to be hit by more delays due to fears over a COVID-19 outbreak on set in Venice, Italy. According to a report, 150 extras were informed that they were not to come in to shoot scenes that were on the filming schedule. While no official reason was given for the sudden decision to not include the extras, it was claimed that a coronavirus test had come back positive from the production so filming needed to be suspended temporarily. A source speaking to the publication claimed: ‘There are about 150 extras involved in the filming and late on Thursday they were all told not to turn up for work and they would be notified when they would be allowed back on set. No official reason has been given but it’s feared it’s down to COVID and this will be the second time the production has been hit because of the virus.’ According to the report, crew have urged members of the public to remain socially distanced from one another while waiting to see the stars, while Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie are also said to have made the request.