World is prevailing in countering Covid-19, meanwhile opposition parties are violating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). However it is the matter of public health concerned. Moreover, Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) was supporting complete lockdown in the beginning of the virus.

All this insistence to the public for abiding SOP’s pragmatically, was all that pretend for political scoring? Furthermore, the second wave of coronavirus is being predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO). Resurgence of new cases in the Europe is a clear sign of the second wave, and we should learn from them. On the other hand, opposition are using public for their political benefit.

Additionally, French government has imposed a lockdown due to surging in Covid-19 cases. Likewise, there is resurgence of new cases in New Zealand. In the last I would say our doctors, the paramedical staff and security forces have lost their precious life during fight with the pandemic. On the other side it is a blessing of almighty Allah that corona virus cases are not surging.