ISLAMABAD - A seminar on breast cancer was arranged at Gosha-e-Mashal by a medical unit headed by medical specialist Dr. Badar in order to create awareness among women of adjoining slum areas of Margalla Town, Islamabad.

A sizeable number of women including young girls of the slum areas attended the event. Dr. Rafia Shahid was the keynote speaker. 

On the occasion, President Mashal Rukhsana Sarfraz appreciated the residents of the slum areas for attending the seminar and the medical specialist for responding to the questions raised by the participants.

The seminar turned out to be a useful event especially for the under-developed community as the participants were sensitized about the disease, its prevention and cure.

The month of October has been dedicated to the Pink Ribbon Campaign, which in Pakistan is an initiative launched by Samina Alvi, the wife of the President of Pakistan.

The participants appreciated the organizers for arranging the event for the slum areas where people are reluctant to even discuss the disease.