Water is a matter of life and death for everyone, but those deprived of this necessity know how to truly appreciate it. The helpless residents of Johi Town suffer everyday due to lack of drinking water in the city. There is no clean running water in Johi, a small town in Sindh, and the residents have to carry jerry-cans. They either have to carry them on bicycles or walk with them from the hand-pumps, located outside of town. It has been six years since the people of the town have been continuously requesting their elected MNA and MPA to help them get drinking water, but nothing has happened.

The cultivators are also at the mercy of the rains, as the irrigation water is scarce. When asked for irrigation water, the politicians asked the people to pray for rain. This statement is on record. Where is the world going, while the poor farmers suffer in Johi Town? Does anyone care? People are migrating to Kachho and other areas from Johi. It is also noticeable that TMA Johi got a huge budget, worth millions to spend on the town and basic amenities, but unfortunately the budget went directly into the pockets of a few, depriving the citizens of basic amenities such as drinking water.

Regarding water supply for irrigation, the rule, ‘might is right’ applies, as water is given to close friends of the powerful, and rich landlords of the area. Residents have protested, but both irrigation department officials and elected representatives have turned a deaf ear. Despite protests, which were threatened, time and again by the influential of the area, who are responsible for stealing water through Johi barrage, no water is given to the small land holders.

We request Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to look into the matter and try to find the facts of the water problem. The people of Johi Town are PPP voters, and have been for the past several years. It is unfortunate that the PPP government has never shown any interest in the people of Johi Taluka. It’s the time to take steps to redress this matter as it is a matter of life and death for Johi. All PPP higher-ups are requested to show mercy on the people of this town.


Dadu, September 22.