This letter is in reference to Marvi Sirmed’s article ‘The Anti-Pakistan Sit in’ in The Nation on September 23, 2014. I am very grateful to see that there are still some journalists who raise their voice for the minorities but they only tell one side of the story. In her article, she expresses that minority problems only occur in Pakistan and nowhere else. This, I don’t agree with, even though I accept that that this is a serious issue, especially for Hindus in Pakistan. What she did not mention was that the large Muslim minority in India faces the same problems.

The minority problems also exist in civilised countries like Germany, France and England and the recent example is the speech given by German Chancellor Angenla Merkal about the Jewish community, in which she told the nation to show some sorts of harmony and equality to the Jewish people. The Myanmar example is also there, how peaceful Buddhists are mistreating Rohingya Muslims. I believe that this is a universal problem, so I suggested we should promote interfaith harmony in Pakistan at least if we cannot help others.


Lahore, September 23.