Owners and employees of a factory tortured to death a meter reader of Sui Gas department here on Wednesday. Angry members of the bereaved family ransacked the factory after the incident.

A team of Sui Gas department raided the ice factory in Chatha Colony here over a complaint of gas theft. Two meter readers were held hostage by the factory owners and workers for several hours. Ultimately, one of the meter readers identified as Junaid was killed in the violent attack by factory owners and workers. The killing of the meter reader was followed by a mob attack on the factory by his family members and relatives. The family also took to streets carrying the dead body of the meter reader and protested against the killing.

The police was immediately called in at the murder sight.

The family of the meter reader ended the protest after police assured that an action would be taken against the suspects.

The police have registered a case against those involved in the torture and investigation was in progress.