Thanking the PML-N for not fielding its candidate against him in the upcoming by-poll, deposed president of PTI Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said that the show cause notice served on him by the PTI secretary general is unconstitutional, claiming that he was elected president of the party.

He was addressing a news conference here at his residence after receiving the notice. The notice says that the party membership of Hashmi is being suspended for delivering speeches against the party chairman, asking him to appear at party secretariat on September 29 and explain as to why he is doing so.

Talking to the journalists, Hashmi added that no one even elected district president of PTI Ijaz Janjua could be ousted from the party through a show cause notice. He said that the notice received by him did not level any charges against him and it was a source of honour for him. He lashed out at Jahangir Tareen and said that he was not elected secretary general of PTI and he was imposed on the party. “He is chairman of Sugar Mills Association and he owns bulletproof vehicles and aeroplane which are also used by the party leaders,” he maintained. He offered that he would go to the top of the container and answer all the questions, if the party’s elected chairman Imran Khan summoned him. He said that Jahangir Tareen was a landlord who could not seek answer from him.

To a question, he said that the Multan by-election was taking place because of his resignation and he knew that some people, who used to abuse him were now contesting against him. “But I’ll not retaliate abuses with abuses. I believe in democracy and I am going door to door to beg votes,” he added.

He said that the PTI workers were screaming on the treatment meted out to them by the leadership in by elections but no one listened to their hues and cries. He exclaimed that how could he stay silent when a joker Sheikh Rasheed delivered derogatory statements about army. “Our army is not only guarding national frontiers but also doing operation against terrorists in Waziristan. The joker should not have taunted the army,” he said. When asked as to why PML-N did not field its candidate against him in NA-149, he said that he did not contact anyone for getting support and it was the decision of that party. He said that he was thankful to the N League for not erecting candidate against him.

He said that he resigned at the assembly forum to discharge his national obligation to save the constitution and country. “Now I’ve returned to my constituency among my true heirs. If they give me success, I’ll salute them. If they defeat me, I’ll not breach relation even yet,” he declared.

He said that either he was in PML-N or PTI, he always raised voice for truth while others, who used to support my stance, became silent whenever they came in front of party leadership. He said that when Mian Nawaz Sharif did not convene cabinet meeting for six months, he pointed out to him that at least two meetings of cabinet should have been held during this period according to the Constitution. “When I looked around, I was alone. Whenever I say such things, I am found either in jail or addressing press conference,” he added.

He said that Imran Khan was a good leader but now people asked what had happened to him after 2013 polls. “It is because Imran Khan says that he is captain, he selects the team and the constitution gets suspended when the game begins. How can I keep silent on unconstitutional things,” he exclaimed.

To a query, he said that the kids could not go to schools because of sit in as their schools were under occupation of police. He maintained that the residents of Islamabad were faced with multiple problems as they were forced to buy vegetables and other goods at higher rates. “I request Imran Khan to end sit in outside parliament because if the road of capital are sealed, it will hurt national economy besides causing trouble for the masses,” he maintained.